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  • For every order from Tirana, shipping is 200 Lek and the order arrives within 24-72 hours.

  • For every order made throughout Albania, shipping is 300 Lek and the order arrives within 72 hours.

For every order at:

  • Kosovo, the shipping fee is 6 Euro.

  • Macedonia, the shipping fee is 6 Euro.

  • For any other nationwide orders, Standard shipping rates in Europe, Asia, America are set as in the table below; while for Express transport the value in these continents will be 120 Euro.

shipping.PNG table


Rules for returning items purchased online

The buyer should contact between the following addresses by sending images of the item received:

+355 69 70 08 441

The response time to the customer will be made within 24 hours after this reason is established regarding the product:

*If the item ordered and arrived at the customer's address does not comply with the descriptions given in the online store.

The customer may return the item, once Class verifies the item data against the buyer's order and officially confirms the buyer between the above addresses.

The buyer must return the item:

  1. Within (10) ten days in store or by mail. Refunds are made only after physical receipt of the item, without paying the cost of the return postal service.

  2. The item must be accompanied by the invoice/accessories/packaging and undamaged.

The item cannot be returned when:

  1. If it arrives damaged by the customer or outside the description given by the official website, as well as without the original packaging sent by Class.

  2. If the item is not accompanied by the relevant invoice in the packaging.

Method of compensation:

Under the terms above, Class can only compensate the value of the item selected for purchase (in this case the value of the product that is added to the online basket). This eliminates the compensation of the value of obligations such as: financial commissions arising between card purchases or postage payments.

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